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What ECE Advocacy Looks Like

Amanda Wiehe Lopes, Ph.D., the Leadership Institute’s Learning & Quality Improvement Manager, spoke to the MA Board of Early Education and Care at its April meeting to advocate for continued funding of programming that cultivates educational leadership and continuous quality improvement.

In remarks delivered during the public comment portion of the meeting, Lopes noted that the Leadership Institute has enjoyed a close partnership with the MA Department of Early Education and Care to deliver leadership programming to the state’s early care and education (ECE) workforce and professional development related to continuous quality improvement in the field.

Based on the Leadership Institute’s experience running the Early Childhood Support Organization and various courses, Lopes said, “your investment in early education leadership and instructional leadership within programs and continuous quality improvement has led to more a positive work environment in programs that is really founded on protected time for collaboration and intentional planning. It’s also led to nourishing and mutually respectful relationships with children and families … and led to increased quality in classroom practices where all children can grow and thrive.

“And so I’m here to thank you for that investment and advocate for continued investment in those things that really allow early educators to thrive and then children and families as a result,” she added.

Watch a recording of the meeting and Lopes’ complete remarks, which begin the 35.20 mark.

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