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Instructional Leadership for Continuous Improvement in ECE

Instructional Leadership for Continuous Improvement in ECE is for program directors* and their teaching staff from group child care and out of school time programs. Participants enroll as a team and teams learn about organizational change and strategies that promote continuous quality improvement. Over 10 weeks, participants explore research-based practices for center-based and out of school time program improvement, early childhood curriculum, job-embedded professional learning, and the role of instructional leaders. Teams also learn about new research on methods for accelerating improvement and creating a culture of collaborative learning using a set of concrete strategies that promote continuous improvement. During this course, teams identify a problem related to instructional quality and continuous program improvement at their program, develop a plan to make change, and take steps with to implement the plan.

Past participants highly recommend the course:

  • “It helps you to recognize your full potential and guides you on how to engage colleagues.”
  • “This course was an eyeopener for the team as a whole and put our program in a great position for building our strengths together.”
  • “This course helped us look at a problem and make a change, and we were successful! I will definitely use these tools in the future.”
  • “This course not only teaches information, knowledge, protocol and skills, but also mentally empowered all participants throughout the 10 weeks.”
  • “This course opened my eyes to acknowledging a common problem with my peers and through small and large group discussions, solutions were presented.”
  • “I’m excited to see our center embrace the changes we came up with. The quality of our program’s STEM curriculum has blossomed into an organized and engaging atmosphere where children and their teachers are excited about new hands-on activities!”
  • “I valued the time I was allotted to work in small groups with members of my own team. It engaged us in conversations we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have without it.”

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  • Please note: At this time, Leadership for Continuous Improvement in ECE is not yet available for family child care providers.
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