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Media: Wage gap, devaluation of certain work go hand in hand


In a letter to the Boston Globe in response to an oped claiming that the gender wage gap is a “myth,” Executive Director Anne Douglass, PhD, noted that the devaluation of work typically performed by women, such as the provision of early care and education, is a contributing factor to the gender wage gap.

Excerpt: “Her second tack is to discount some of the fields that disproportionately attract women over men, such as ‘child care,’ as ‘lower-skill or lower-risk.’ In fact, it takes great skill to manage groups of very young children in ways that promote healthy development, learning, and safety. And caring for someone else’s baby is a high-risk endeavor.”

Read the full letter, “Wage gap, devaluation of certain work go hand in hand,” online at the Boston Globe.

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