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Should coastal universities, cities, and communities take the lead regarding the future of water? A breakthrough almost achieved by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) might be realized. Archives of Senator Morris K. Udall reveal issues considered by the United States’ Interior Committee during the 1930s’: scientists and engineers envisioned a way to desalinate water at cost of one cent per kilowatt-hour; this prediction has yet to achieved, although Singapore/Siemens may soon succeed. Another consideration: power and environment. Yet another – urban portals. Massachusetts’ great universities might consult the plan by Richard Williams, completed in 1775, now at Oxford University’s Bodleian Library, for Boston‘s leadership.

For Senator Udall’s archives:

For “A Plan of the city of Boston” by Richard Williams, 1775: Building the World, p. 824.

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  1. That’s US Representative Morris Udall! But he would have loved being called a Senator too. Congressman Mo Udall was chair of the US House Interior Committee for many years, and was very good at it. Among other areas of its domain, the Interior Committee had oversight on the safety and regulation of the US nuclear power industry, TVA, US federal hydroelectric power programs, and lots of other infrastructure issues. He would have loved this blog.

    • Thank you for your comment and interest. We are pleased to know that Representative Udall would have loved this blog, and are also happy that you do, too.

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