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One of the most detrimental structural weaknesses within our society is the damp mold of negativity. Bullying, violence, and abuse have infested our community, jobs, and homes like a parasite. How can the human race survive or thrive if we are tolerant to hazardous environments? Now is the time for the laggards to join the majority who are sick of the toxic climate, before the foundations of our world turn to quicksand. The debridement of aggression and intimidation will not be easy or inexpensive, but the stability of our future depends upon the quality of job we do and the investment we make today. You don’t need to be a Voice of the Future to adapt to life’s most pressing renovations. Rather than facilitating the bulldozing effect of negative thoughts and comments towards your neighbor, be innovative! Think of new ways to show your support to the community – junk your reluctance to wave and smile, daily reinvent your meaning of optimism, clear the dust and debris and always make space for a safer, brighter future for all.

~ Angela J. Newton, Voice of the Future, 2013

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