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The world is so big and there are so many important issues to address – how can just one person really make a splash? Begin by creating ripples, and build a vision that is devoted to a better future. I’ve learned that to do better, you must search your heart and learn about yourself, then share the good you find. By doing this, the vision you create will have the opportunity to be an inspiration to many. My vision is still expanding to incorporate my personal passions, gifts, and education. I plan to be an extraordinary professional healer, beginning with myself. My mission revolves around matters of the heart in two ways. When it comes to the physical heart, my mission is to decrease the incidence and prevalence of heart disease and its co-morbidities. As for the spiritual heart, my mission is to increase awareness and understanding of mental health, and eradicate stigma associated with mental illness so that more people receive treatment. I would like to see healthy heart programs that offer affordable access to sustained physical activity programs and mental health services. I know that the good I have will contribute to the existing movements that promote heart health because ultimately I wish to share in the greatest gift the heart has to offer – LOVE.

~ Angela J. Newton, Voice of the Future, Building the World, 2014

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