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Year 2014: After Nafta

North America: wikimedia commons.

January 1, 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the North American free trade agreement, joining Canada, Mexico and the United States in partnership. While the original agreement focused on economics, now it may be time to expand the focus to shared resources including but not limited to: water, agriculture, energy, transport, communications, public health, employment, education, and digital government. What is the next phase for the North American regional framework? Might we begin with a common name: each partner nation presently calls the 1994 agreement by a separate term, with its own acronym. Should we combine TLCAN (Mexico), ALENA (Canada), and NAFTA (United States) into the simpler TAN?

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North American free trade agreement (NAFTA)


Tratado de libre comercio de america del norte (TLCAN OR TLC):


Accord de libre-echange nord americain (ALENA):




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