Working at the Makerspace

UMass Boston Makerspace Staff include full time UMass Boston employees, hired UMass Boston student employees, hired High School interns coordinated through organizing partners, as well as passionate volunteers from UMass Boston and beyond.

As a Makerspace Staff, you would have three goals:

  1. To learn how the Makerspace’s services and equipment work through learning from existing staff, as well as self-paced research and experimenting.
  2. To assist and advise clients in their use of 3D Printers and our other services up to the level of your own experience, and helping clients to find additional help from other staff or the internet beyond that level (thus increasing your own experience too!)
  3. To expand the services that the Makerspace can give to our clients by offering and growing your own unique experiences in your areas of interest and expertise.

Specific duties and responsibilities include:

  • Assisting clients with their projects with a maximum importance given to customer service.
  • Helping clients 3D print their designs submitted to our Print Request Queue.
  • Helping clients to understand and use 3D printers and other Makerspace equipment and services.
  • Basic facility upkeep like keeping the lab cleaned and organized.
  • All Makerspace Staff are encouraged to work on their own maker projects, as personal passion projects are the best way to grow your own experience and be able to offer that knowledge to others.

Anyone is welcome to spend their own free time at the UMass Boston makerspace while working on your projects and talking to the staff, and you should always feel free to help others while you’re there.

If you’d like to become a more formal UMass Boston Makerspace Staff volunteer, or are interested in a student employment position, please fill out the form below to introduce yourself!

Voluntary/Paid Position Application Form

Voluntary/Paid Application Form
Check one or both as applicable. Paid student positions are limited by budget and scheduling restrictions, but preference would always be given to those who have participated on an unpaid volunteer basis in the past.
You can find out the answers for both questions from the Office of Student Employment:

Maximum file size: 52.22MB

A formal resume is absolutely not necessary, but if you have one handy, feel free to include it.

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