International Praise

On behalf of WorldBoston and the United States Department of State, I want to extend my sincere thanks for such an insightful meeting with our recent visitors from the Caucasus region.

Please know how honored the delegation was to be able to participate in such an informative meeting. The delegation greatly enjoyed the opportunity to engage with you and learn more about the different resources and programs that the Makerspace has for students in a variety of departments.

Your hospitality and accommodation for the group’s agenda is greatly appreciated, and we are so thrilled to have had the chance to partner with the Makerspace on such a spectacular program. This was an incredibly important meeting for each of our visitors and they are grateful to you both for taking the time out of your busy schedules to meet. From all at WorldBoston as well as our colleagues in Washington, D.C., thank you for organizing this meeting with the visitors, and I hope you found it to be a productive and enjoyable exchange as well!

Again, we are very grateful for your time and effort in arranging a meeting with our recent visitors; please do let me know if there’s any way I can help you to stay in touch and build on this global connection. I look forward to collaborating further in the future!

Kind Regards,
Jenna Bergquist
Manager of Outreach and Custom Visitor Programs

Amazing support for Tech Savvy 2018

Tech Savvy is a volunteer-based event with learning and teaching activities to promote female students in sciences. In collaboration with BU, Harvard, MIT, Northeastern, and several other leading research institutes, we have used one day to teach middle school girls on how to program in Computer Science at UMass Boston since 2010.  In 2018 UMass Boston MakerSpace helped us with this event, providing an amazing experience with VR technology through a game. Additionally, Maker Space generously provided 3D printed souvenirs for each participant and a Trophy Cup for the winner of a CS competition. I would like to thank everyone in MakerSpace for their help during Tech Savvy 2018!

Tech Savvy students using VR at the Makerspace

Language Learning in the Next Dimension: ESL at MakerSpace

John and the MakerSpace crew welcomed our class of 16 English-language Learners from CAPS ESL into the MakerSpace for two sessions this spring semester. We prepared students with a list of 3D printing terminology and John’s introductory PowerPoint wonderfully helped them match image to language and concept. The students were engaged throughout and asked excellent questions.

Our class guidestar this semester is “thinking outside the box.” The MakerSpace visits gave the students a new, engaging encounter with language and technology outside the box of our classroom. Students learned to design their own 3D printing projects, and are currently designing/printing keychains with a short text printed on them. The limitation facilitates our conversation about selecting words of meaning and impact. The keychain reminds them that language is a key that opens doors; it’s a keepsake and message that should last beyond our semester together.

Thanks to John, Linda, and the MakerSpace student staff for facilitating our visits and exploration. The students enjoyed the work. I’d love to return with future groups.

3D Printed materials made my presentation tangible!

Hi Team,

I recently had a class presentation where, thanks to your help, was able to borrow four 3D printed pieces to show the class! I borrowed a toy car, chain, T-Rex, and an armadillo. I passed three of the four around for the students to touch and play with and they loved it! Several mentioned in our post-presentation discussion that it actually helped the topic seem and feel real! While my team and I discussed how 3D printing can be used in the automotive industry, we were able to call out the different pieces. We were able to say things like “similar to the green chain, the car will be printed already assembled.” Students mentioned that moments like this allowed them to envision the whole 3d Printed vehicle process!

Thank you so much for all your help and for sharing your products with me! What a wonderful service provided to the students here!

Some (any)thing for everyone

The Computer Science freshman success community visited the space to see what they might be interested in making. It was helpful to have lots of options when it comes to creating printed objects (coding from scratch, using building block programs, borrowing designs from people around the world). This combine with the virtual reality equipment makes for a great resource for UMB students.

Thanks to the MakerSpace team for making Tech Savvy CS day at UMB a success!

Instructor presents to students sitting at a table with laptopsProfessor Wei Ding, Yong Zhuang, and I want to thank you again for your efforts in planning and hosting educational sessions on 3D printing and VR for the students attending the Computer Science day at UMass Boston as part of the 2017 Tech Savvy Conference this summer. The Boston Area Girls STEM Collaborative emailed our group with very positive feedback that they received on the program from the girls who attended, and events like those you held at the MakerSpace were a big part of that positive experience. The program wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of the volunteers, and we’re really happy we could have you among them this year — you were receptive to ideas and very responsive the whole time we worked together. And you did a great job modeling and printing the favors as well!

So again, we really appreciate all the planning and time that went into making that a memorable experience for the girls that attended the conference. It was a pleasure working with you!

All the Best,
Matthew Almeida

Students look at table of example prints