How do I start?
The Makerspace is staffed by a talented group of student employees who can help you plan how to best achieve your goals, and we provide a regularly scheduled introduction workshop to help you learn the basics of 3D Printing and Design. The first step is to just walk in the door, so do it today!

Is there a cost associated with using the MakerSpace Lab?
It is our pleasure to provide access to all our services for free, for anyone in the UMass Boston community. However, the purpose of this lab is for learning, we are not intended to be a production center. Please see Rule #8 on our Rules page for more info.

Who can use the MakerSpace Lab?
The MakerSpace lab is open to ALL members of the community – students, faculty, and staff.

Can outside people or organizations use the MakerSpace Lab?
We have partnered with outside schools and groups on occasion, and would be interested to do so again. Please Contact Us to discuss what you have in mind!

What can I use MakerSpace services and equipment for?
There are no limitations on what you can use the Makerspace for. Education, research, and entrepreneurial uses are the primary aim of our lab’s creation, however purely personal projects are very much encouraged too. We believe that projects made just for fun are a great way to practice for more “serious” work you might do in the future.

What are the hours of the lab?
The schedule is roughly 9-5, Monday through Friday, year round. However we may not have full coverage at any given time so you are encouraged to Call Us before visiting to ensure someone is there to help you

What equipment/software is available in the MakerSpace lab?
See our equipment list

What limitations does your equipment have?
Our Equipment List page has some info on our equipment’s limitations, however please Contact Us if you have any specific questions.