Language Learning in the Next Dimension: ESL at MakerSpace

John and the MakerSpace crew welcomed our class of 16 English-language Learners from CAPS ESL into the MakerSpace for two sessions this spring semester. We prepared students with a list of 3D printing terminology and John’s introductory PowerPoint wonderfully helped them match image to language and concept. The students were engaged throughout and asked excellent questions.

Our class guidestar this semester is “thinking outside the box.” The MakerSpace visits gave the students a new, engaging encounter with language and technology outside the box of our classroom. Students learned to design their own 3D printing projects, and are currently designing/printing keychains with a short text printed on them. The limitation facilitates our conversation about selecting words of meaning and impact. The keychain reminds them that language is a key that opens doors; it’s a keepsake and message that should last beyond our semester together.

Thanks to John, Linda, and the MakerSpace student staff for facilitating our visits and exploration. The students enjoyed the work. I’d love to return with future groups.

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