The beginning of the visitors

On Friday, we had three visitors from the International Association of Special Education (IASE). The Toa Nafasi Project are a volunteer project site for the organization where members can come to see the project and volunteer their time and expertise as current or former special educators to support the work. Mary Gale Budzisz, the former president and coordinator of the volunteer projects and Dr. Iris Dower, current IASE president came and were taking in all the activities and the students.


She escaped my picture, but Meghan Gallagher, a special education assessment specialist in the US was also in the group.

The teachers very much the day and appreciated the praise for their work and the suggestions that were given. One suggestion was implemented right away, we rearranged the desks so that they were in a semi-circle. Because we are bringing in larger groups for the opening meeting of each group session, the larger number of kids required a different arrangement so all children had good access to the teacher and the board and the teacher could see each student well.

After school, we went shopping for some new classroom supplies for the teachers and students. I am most excited about the new individual chalkboards we got so that all the students can participate individually doing what the teacher is doing on the board or give their own answers before the answer is shouted out.

This week, we have more visitors, some of Sarah’s family and friends of her family. We have been hanging out with them over the weekend and they are very nice. I am sure they will be featured on the blog sometime this week.

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