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Hi. I hope everyone is hanging in there in these difficult times. I know from my friends with young kids that entertaining them when they need to work is a difficult task. In my recent Brookes Coffee Chat “STEM Experiences for All Children at Home” I discussed ways to engage children with everyday activities and materials. This was for Brookes Publishing who published our book Engaging Young Engineers: Teaching Problem Solving Skills Through STEM. 

Here are some resources for educators and families on this topic:

Texas Activity Sheets

Additional Resources for Engineering Challenges

Brookes Coffee Chat Presentation

I also made a video with some ideas (cats are in the video):

Other resources:

STEM stuff for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers —

Home Safari at the Cincinnati Zoo (3 18-22 minute episodes) you can watch on youtube through your smart TV:

Georgia aquarium live cams:

Pipe cleaners and beads – sometimes we add a colander into the mix too. Adding different sized beads can add another level of interest.

Build a marble or ball run:

Examples of different ways to create marble runs