OSEP Poster

OSEP Poster 2018

Please click on link to access poster presented at the 2018 OSEP Project Directors Meeting for the EI Scholars Program

Angi Stone-MacDonald, PhD, University of Massachusetts Boston, angela.stone@umb.edu

Lianna Pizzo, PhD, University of Massachusetts Boston, lianna.pizzo@umb.edu

Zachary Price, MA, University of Massachusetts Boston, zachary.price001@umb.edu

Amanda Wiehe Lopes, MSEd, University of Massachusetts Boston, amanda.lopes001@umb.edu

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  3. Mng says:

    When the university professor arrives at their office early in the morning, the first task is to check their emails. Throughout the day, the professor guides students, manages research projects, and prepares lecture materials, with email playing a crucial role in communication. Queries from students, announcements from administration, and correspondence about academic collaborations are part of the daily routine.

    In the inbox, there is a detailed question from a student about their thesis topic, another student’s project proposal, and collaboration offers from colleagues. The professor responds to each email carefully, as each message is part of a connection, an exchange of information, and a step forward in the academic world. Supporting students’ success and guiding them on their academic journey is the professor’s greatest motivation.

    Later in the day, the professor prepares to attend an important academic conference. They send a reply, accepting the invitation received via email. This conference is a significant platform where the professor will share new research findings and exchange ideas with other academics.

    For the university professor, email is not just a communication tool but also the heart of information sharing and academic collaboration. Beyond the emails, each day offers a new opportunity for learning and teaching. Therefore, every message is read and answered meticulously, each seen as a cornerstone of an academic career.

    Kargo Takip

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