A little stone excitement….

For the past few days, we have watched workers poking away at stone and coral walls on a house adjacent from house and working to take it down. We hear little bits fall from time to time. One day we came home to a blockage on the path to our house because they were taking down a wall and didn’t want people to walk nearby so they would not be hit by falling rubble. This morning we woke to the usual sounds of them working on the house. A little while later, we heard a loud crash. I had been drinking my coffee in the living room and Keith was on the internet in the bedroom, but we both rushed to the balcony to see what had happened and noticed that one of the floors in the adjacent house had fallen in on itself, but it was not the wall closest to the path or our building. We went back to our various activities and a little while later we heard a much louder and longer crash. We again rushed out to the balcony to see what had happened and this is what we found.



The house that fell.

The house that fell.

Quickly a crowd formed to see what had happened and assess the damage. We saw our landlord and his son-in-law, who are the leaders of this area, come to talk to people and to start to figure out a solution. Water lines and power lines were knocked off the side of the building and so there was a rush to shut the water off to those lines. Some of our neighbors don’t have electricity now. Most importantly, we are thankful that they reported that no one was injured in the collapse, and we still have both water and electricity for now.

The path is unpassable, but they are now working on that. In the video, you can hear the water flowing immediately after the collapse.


We are glad people are okay. A little excitement in our neighborhood and we have a bird’s eye view from our balcony.