What a busy week and the promised video

Greetings, my faithful blog readers. We have had a fun and eventful week with many visitors. When I first met them on Saturday, family and family friends of Sarah, they were visitors to the project and to Tanzania. By the end of the week, I felt like a part of their families. We shared many adventures and experiences this week which I will write about later. We spent two days at school meeting the children and doing different activities. We had two days of holiday for Eid when I got to go on a day hike on the Marangu route up Mount Kilimanjaro and go kayaking on Lake Chala. Both of these activities I was not planning on, but was thrilled to get to do them. We also had one rest day in between to plan activities and recuperate from our adventures.

To entertain you all until I complete some of my blog posts, please see Sarah’s blog about the paper bag puppets and the Makerena. Yes, there are videos of me doing the Makerena.



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  1. Verlon Stone says:

    Soul Train, look out!

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