DADD Mini-Conference Presentation Materials

Please click below for PPT for Using Assistive Technology to Increase Literacy Skills for Children PreK-3 with Developmental Disabilities presentation.

DADD Presentation-2019ATLit

ATLiteracy Tables

Please click here for PPT for Teaching Problem-Solving Skills through STEM: Engineering Experiences for Children with Developmental Disabilities presentation.


As always, please leave comments or email me for more information.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Early Childhood UDL Planning Sheet-Blank

Resources on Engineering and Robotics:

Writing with Symbols

Dycem Sticky Mats

Bristle Blocks

Time Timer

Wiki Stix

Intellikeys and Intellitools

If you want more information about the ideas problem solving skills and engineering design for children birth to five, please our book Engaging Young Engineers: Teaching Problem Solving Skills through STEM.

Additional Resources for Engineering Challenges

Preschool planning template

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