2.3 Perspectives on Interactive Learning

Room: Healey Library, 4th floor, CLI (Center for Library Instruction)

Students Collaborate to Explore the Global Economy
After a brief outline of the structure of the course as a whole, students in each of the groups will discuss how they approached the research they conducted on their industry. We will invite the audience to share their insights and concerns and will use the discussion to reflect on ways to improve the course from a pedagogical perspective. The final minutes of the sessions will provide space for a discussion on how education is moving towards a more “hands-on” and collaborative format and will brainstorm how to offer educational scenarios that involve students and teachers as co-learners.

Presenters: Beatrice Nelson (Management), and students

Fold, Flip, Repeat: A Virtual Communication Challenge
This presentation explains a team-based interactive activity simulating a virtual team interaction. The activity is used to explain how computer-mediated communication theories can inform real-life applications.

Presenter: Gamze Yilmaz (Communication)