2017 11th Annual University Conference on Teaching, Learning, and Technology (UCTLT)

Reaching 21st Century Students: “Teaching Values, Teaching Practices”

Date: Friday, May 12, 2017
Time: 8 AM – 2:30 p.m.

Hosted by the Center for Innovative Teaching (CIT), Healey Library, Office for Faculty Development, CAPS. and IT-Educational Technology.  Sponsored by iClicker

Welcome to the 2017 University Conference on Teaching Learning, and Technology

Dear UMass Boston Community and Friends,

The conference program committee would like to welcome you to our 11th Annual Conference on Teaching, Learning and Technology. This year’s theme is: “Reaching 21st Century Students: Teaching Values, Teaching Practices.” This theme, drawn from a 2007 article by Marilyn M. Lombardi in Educause, emphasizes active immersion in learning experiences toward the development of “portable skills” needed for the 21 century, such as: “the judgment to distinguish
reliable from unreliable information; the patience to follow longer arguments; the synthetic ability to recognize relevant patterns in unfamiliar contexts; the flexibility to work across disciplinary and
cultural boundaries to generate innovative solutions.”

This year’s program offers a wide array of presentations that investigate our theme in different contexts from writing transfer theory and team-based learning to state-of-the-art clicker pedagogy
and mixed reality simulations. We’ve got sessions on exploring the affective dimension of online learning, applied approaches to orchestration, math and engineering, research practices in a “post
truth age,” and more.

To launch today’s conference we will offer lightening talks of 5 minutes each by four faculty members whose impressive teaching practices demonstrate our theme in different ways. The
presenters and the titles of their talks are listed on the next page.

Throughout the day, please visit the “Demo Tables” and learn how members of the Educational Technology and the Librarians have helped enhance teaching, learning and research using the latest
technology such as Clickers, echo360 Classroom Capture, Zoom Synchronous Communication Tool, 3d Printers in MakerSpace, VoiceThread, Blackboard tools such as Survey and Collaborate, and the Library’s new Research and Discovery tool – Primo.

The lunch hour will also feature our annual Teaching Awards Ceremony. The Associate Provost and Dean of Faculty Emily McDermott will present awards in three categories: Face to Face Teaching, Community Engaged Teaching, and Online Teaching.

Thank you for participating and making this event a success. We love to hear from you as we strive to make this conference more engaging and interactive. Please don’t forget to complete the
survey at: http://bit.ly/uctltsurvey and leave your comments and suggestions.