2024 UCTLT: The Good, the Bad and the Unknown of AI

The University Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology –May 9, 2024


Welcome and Keynote

Lance Eaton: “The Good, The Bad and the Unknown of Al”

CIT Award

Lightning Talks

Hosted by Prof. Jackie Lageson

  • Al for scholarly research: The Importance of the Prompt: Joanne Riley
  • Using Al to remove biases in grading: Hefei Qiu
  • Using ChatGPT in patient care: Rosemary Samia
  • Al is my Teaching Assistant: Prof. Charles Wibiralske
  • Al & Student Employment: Velina Batchvarov & Guivens Andre

Chancellor and Provosts Awards

Student Panel

Moderated by Prof. Wei Ding

  • Connor P Coe (MCNHS)
  • Gregory S Blike (CS)
  • Kashmeel McKoena (SEAS)
  • Viviana Romero Alarcon (SFE)
  • David E Martinez (IT/Technovation)