2.4 “Messy” Methods: Exploring Diverse Pathways Towards Co-Learning

Room: Healey Library, LL, ITC

This group of presentations from five pre-tenure UMass Boston faculty (from the College of Education and Human Development and the School for Global Inclusion and Social Development) focuses on particular process-oriented tools and methods we have used in our classrooms to highlight our students’ multiple, diverse pathways towards ways of knowing. The methods may be characterized as exploratory, and the results as unpredictable, but we note that they can open up learning that is collaborative and deliberately draws on multiple resources in the classroom. Each presenter will concretely discuss how his/her particular tool or method contributes to co-learning for both students and teachers.

Presenters: Ping-Ann Addo (CIT), Angel Fettig, Ray Franke, Mike Gilbert, Zeena Zakharia (CEHD), and James Soldner (SGISD)

12:15 – 1:45 p.m.
Room: Ryan Lounge (McCormack, 3rd floor)
Provost’s Welcome
Welcoming Remarks by Provost Winston Langley

Lunch and Innovative Teaching Awards

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