Cute little animals are everywhere

Friday and Saturday included two adventures in the car of different types with lots of animals, but not the normal East African safari animals, at least not for the most part.

Friday, we went to Arusha to run various errands such as picking up notebooks for the teachers for training and a whiteboard for one of the classrooms meeting out on the veranda of the school, because there are no extra classrooms. During lunch, we were joined on the edges of the garden by this vervet monkey.


On the way back from Arusha, we saw Mt. Kilimanjaro out from behind the clouds with its gleaming white snow on top. It is truly a beautiful site that I never get tired of seeing.


Saturday, we went into the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro in the Machame area to take Sarah’s kitten to the vet for his final rabies shot. He was very brave, but did not want to be contained during the ride.


The vet is a German man who runs this farm with his wife and helps to also rescue and rehabilitate wild animals.

Recently, they have had a cheetah and a baby elephant, but they were no longer there. Because we wanted to get back with Sarah’s cat, we didn’t do the full tour or hike, but here are a few photos of a baby monkey they are raising and a few older monkeys.

They also had two marabou storks we saw that were within five feet of us and scary.


The smaller, cuter creatures included these mongooses (who of course can be vicious) and rabbits.





There were many others, but I didn’t get any pictures, including porcupines who are nocturnal and were sleeping in their holes. I think it would be really fun to do the horseback safari sometime. The pictures on the farm’s site look amazing.

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