Long overdue post on the joys of Legos for all ages!

IMG_2339 (4)This is a very long overdue post from my trip last summer to Tanzania. I was working on a poster about this study for a conference next week and realized that I had not done this post yet.


Last year before leaving for Tanzania, our friend Dave at the Lego store wanted to help out. He very kindly donated a big shopping bag full of Legos of regular shaped bricks to The Toa Nafasi Project for the children. His kindness and generosity were greatly appreciated by myself and Sarah, but more importantly by the children. They had never played with Legos before but absolutely loved it. We did it when we had some other visitors so that we had a lot of supervision and support.


You will see children of all ages building and having fun.

The kids were so creative and I am sure it contributed in some way to developing problem solving skills and their overall academic development. Here are some wonderful pictures.


The Legos continue to be a source of fun and learning for the children and teachers.

3 comments to Long overdue post on the joys of Legos for all ages!

  1. dave says:

    So glad that they made it all the way!
    Keep rockin’

    • angelastone says:

      Great to hear from you. I hope you are settled in your new home and that worked out. Please let us know and you can email me personally. Enjoy!

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