Our first night in Shanghai

Lianna and I arrived safely in Shanghai. We had a nice flight, although it was very long. Our short flight to Detroit got in a little early and then we went right to our flight to Shanghai and it was already boarding our zone. Over the 14 hours in the air, we had three different meals and I watched several movies and a little TV in addition to sleeping.

When we arrived in Shanghai immigration and customs went smoothly and quickly and we went out to meet our hosts. When we first looked at the long line of people waiting with signs, it was hard to find our hosts, but there were actually fewer people than on some flights I recall in the Middle East and the people were very orderly. Near the end of the line, we found our names on two signs held by two very nice graduate students at ECNU who took our bags and directed us to the car. We rode about an hour to our hotel. We were both struck by the size of the city and the large number of high rise apartment buildings.

When we got to our hotel, the students helped us get checked in and take our bags to our rooms. We each have a nice big room with a view of the city.

Tomorrow we will meet more of our hosts and see some of the city. Good night/Good morning.

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  1. Angel says:

    So excited for you two’s adventure and can’t wait to hear more! Enjoy and be safe!

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