Dialogic reading comes to Union Cafe Moshi

Today was much like yesterday. We worked on dialogic reading techniques and talked about different ways to support the literacy development of various students, particularly those students we suspect have some level of intellectual disability. Veronica developed a lesson and taught it to Sarah and I and we pretended to be some of the students that they are working with at the school.

Veronica teaching Sarah about Mama Mambo and Lina’s party

We also met with one of Sarah’s friends who has his own Kilimanjaro trek and tour company and we talked about climbing the mountain, costs, best route, safety, and other fun things. We planned a day hike to the first base camp and back for the beginning of July. This will be fun to see some of the mountain and get some exercise. I am really excited.

Here is his website and I will be happy to talk to him about climbing for you if anyone is interested.


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