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In preparation for the midterm…


From the midterm page! .

As mentioned on the syllabus, you can bring up to 30 pages of numbered unique handwritten notes to this exam. One physical page with two sides counts as one – that is, you can write on the back of each page and have it still count as one page.

Please number the pages of your handwritten notes in the top right corner.

Please limit the number of pages that you bring to class to 30. It is strongly encouraged, though not required, to minimize the time it takes for me to approve your notes by removing them from extraneous material, spirals, binders, etc. All typed material should also be removed from the papers you bring to class.

You can speed up the note-checking process before the exam by fanning out your notes for approval, like this:

Make sure all electronic devices are off or on silent during the test; they must be inside your backpack and not on the desk or in a pocket. Smart watches may not be worn during the test.

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