Taught by A. Potasznik

1 Homework

Homework questions are assigned after every lecture in order to help the student digest the information s/he has just encountered. Homework answers are discussed in small groups in class.

Hw example

If you came to class without homework, your paper might look like this.

You earn credit for simply being in class, unless I don’t know who you are.

Homework is digital AND physical! All homework answers must be written completely in Google Docs, and the “Anyone with the link – editor” link must be submitted in the correct folder on Blackboard before the due date (Course Materials > Homework submissions). You must also bring a physical print-out of your homework answers to class to facilitate your group discussion.

In order to earn full participation credit, students must :

  • Be present and engaged from the beginning of class to the end, including the entire discussion portion.
  • Have submitted their Google Doc homework on Blackboard.
  • Bring their physical printout of homework to class.

Homework questions for each day are found here.

When I am walking around or at the podium during schedule class time, I’m only inputting grades for the answers due that day. If you have homework from a previous day to show me, please follow the syllabus and website instructions for submission by emailing it to me.

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