Taught by A. Potasznik

Late Enrollment?

Our course and all relevant policies begin on the first day of classes. You can check the academic calendar here for this date.

If you enroll after the first day of class, you will probably miss a day, or even multiple days, of class right at the beginning of the semester. Of course, that’s not a great start for you, but that’s how things go sometimes.

“This is my first class, so I didn’t do previous homework.”

“I know it’s day 3, but this is my first time attending class, so I shouldn’t have late deductions.”

“I know it’s Day 10 today, but here’s my homework from Day 3. I was late to enroll so I couldn’t do it at the time.”

“I enrolled late, so I’ll check the website to see what I missed and get it to you as soon as possible.”

Most assignments can be submitted up to one week after their stated due date. Insufficient planning as you enroll in classes is not an excused absence. Please be aware that classes and policies do not pause to allow you to catch up from a late start. If you miss deadlines due to late enrollment, you are expected to catch up quickly, and may have late deductions depending on how late you are submitting work. As such, late enrollees have extra work to do, and I have gathered our resources for helping you catch up as easily as possible below:

  1. Notify me as soon as you can. An email with name, section number, and a brief explanation is appreciated. If there was an urgent medical or other emergency-based reason that you could not sign up for classes within the correct deadlines, you can include it here.
  2. Review the material for this day on your own (from the class slides and/or recordings), complete your homework that was due that day (from the homework page), then email it to me, making sure your email is complete and coherent (see the email requirements here). Also be sure to do the homework that is due at the beginning of class next time, which you will hopefully attend in person. Step 2 can be completed before or after your official class time begins. If you do it before, you can minimize late deductions.
  3. There are no “pre-absence” excusals granted on my side. I appreciate the heads-up, but there is no formal grade policy associated with this courtesy. Only homework accompanied by documentation proving a medical, family, or military emergency will receive reduced deduction, or the absence be counted as “excused.” If you don’t have such documentation, you should still send your homework for partial credit.
  4. Deductions and eligibility for late work are outlined in the syllabus.
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