Taught by A. Potasznik

Late to class?

If you come to class late for any reason, …

Do ✓

  • Read the room and figure out what we’re doing.
  • If we’re already in groups, find the smallest group and join them. Apologize to them for being late and try to fit in without interrupting.
  • If you’re unsure I realized your presence, talk to me after class.

Don’t ✘

  • Follow me around as I try to grade on-time people’s discussions.
  • Ask me where to go (see above).
  • Ask me what we’re doing (see above).
  • Be late next time!

At the beginning of class, I review upcoming deadlines and remind students of relevant information, such as how to review feedback on assignments (#4) that were recently graded. If you’re late, you’ll miss that information, so you should review it on your own asap.

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