Taught by A. Potasznik

3 Midterm

Click here for the midterm study guide.

Above is a list of all the subjects included on the midterm exam. There are more terms than this in class; these are only the terms that are tested on the midterm.

As mentioned on the syllabus, you can bring up to 30 pages (size 8.5×11″ or smaller) of numbered unique handwritten notes to this exam. One physical page with two sides counts as one – that is, you can write on the back of each page and have it still count as one page.

Please number the pages of your handwritten notes in the top right-hand corner.

Please limit the number of pages that you bring to class to 30. It is strongly encouraged, though not required, to minimize the time it takes for me to approve your notes by removing them from extraneous material, spirals, binders, etc.

Students who arrive on time to the midterm may use the entire class period to complete it. Students who arrive more than 20 minutes late to the exam may only take it at the professor’s discretion. Late arrivers will only have as much time for the exam as the on-time students take – when the last on-time student leaves, the exam period ends and all students must turn in their tests.

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