Taught by A. Potasznik

Grade Reporting

94-100 = A

90-94 = A-

87-90 = B+

84-87 = B

80-84 = B-

77-80 = C+

74-77 = C

70-74 = C-

67-70 = D+

64-67 = D

60-64 = D-

0-60 = F

If you believe there is an error in your grade reporting, please let me know asap.

A. Will I round up your grade?

No. No grades will be rounded. The university grade scale applies, which states that 79.99 will be recorded as a C+.

B. Can I please just this once give you more points so you can get the next letter grade?

No. Asking anyone for a grade you didn’t earn is not a good look. Asking your ethics professor shows you did not learn much from this course.

I do not “give” grades. I keep track of your scores and progress throughout the semester. Asking me to arbitrarily change that score after all the work is done makes no sense and is inappropriate in a university setting.

C. Can you redo assignments or turn in assignments that you didn’t do the first chance you had? Can I  regrade one of your earlier assignments to boost your average?

No. The policies regarding late work and grade disputes are in the syllabus and on this site; they do not change at the end of the year, regardless of your score.

D. I know the policy, but I still request a grade bump because graduation status/perceived effort levels/financial aid status/international student status/visa status/honors college status/GPA concerns/anxiety/my parents/mental health status.

I uphold the same policy for all students, as most ethics professors do. Please don’t ask for special treatment or to be an exception to rules that apply to everyone else. If you need mental health resources, please visit this page for counseling and/or 24/7 crisis support.

E. What about an “incomplete”?

If you had a severe medical issue during the semester, you may be eligible for a grade of “Incomplete.” These are very rare, require extensive documentation, and must be approved by multiple layers of campus administration; that form must be filled out and submitted by the last day of class. From there you will complete the significant amount of coursework you missed initially.

When will I post grades?

As soon as I can, but there’s no set date other than the university deadlines.

I hope I have sufficiently addressed these points here, so please do not send me emails asking questions like these. Of course, if you have other questions, ask away.

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