Getting Enrolled into a Full CM Course

Once a class is full, we allow wiser to automatically work through the waitlist whenever a seat opens up.  Occasionally, faculty will allow extra students into the course, over the prescribed capacity.  The CM Undergraduate Program Office must hear directly from the instructor if s/he wants to take extra students, and how many.  Even with the professors permission to add extra students, not everyone from the waitlist will be able to be moved into the course.  If you are able to get a seat in the course through the regular waitlist process or through a professor consenting to adding students to the course, you will see this reflected on Wiser (your status will got from “waiting” to “enrolled”).  Please note that when adding extra students, they are moved in the waitlist order using the same parameters noted above, and students must be on the waitlist before they can be added to the course.


–       We will strive to have over-enrollment requests handled within two business days.  Please check wiser to check on the status of this.  Also, please bear in mind that the time an instructor tells you s/he will contact us, and the time we get the actual request may be different times, sometimes even different days.

–       We do not notify students of these registration changes when they happen; please keep checking Wiser.

–       Please note that to be fair to all students, we cannot move a student ahead of other waiting students.  We accommodate students in the order of the waitlists for over enrollment issues.

–       The last day to add a course this semester is SEPTEMBER 15. If you are not enrolled in a course by this date, there is no need for you to continue attending the course, as you will not be able to be added after this date.