The Entrepreneurship Center Presents: “You Need a PHD to be a Successful Entrepreneur”

The Entrepreneurship Center at the College of Management Presents: “You Need a PHD to be a Successful Entrepreneur”

Thursday, April 23

Integrated Sciences Complex, third floor, room 3300B

Networking reception: 3-4pm

Guest presentation: 4-5pm

50 MAP miles

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  The Entrepreneurship Center at the College of Management at UMass Boston presents guest speaker, George Chamoun. He will present his lecture entitled, “You Need a PHD to be a Successful Entrepreneur.” Recognized for his entrepreneurial spirit and leadership by Ernst & Young as an “Entrepreneur of the Year,” George Chamoun has been critical to Synacor’s success since its inception. Currently as president of sales & marketing, he has been instrumental in creating a company that helps cable operators differentiate their broadband offerings in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Chamoun co-founded Synacor in 2000 through the merger of MyPersonal, a portal infrastructure company, with, a messaging infrastructure provider. He has been recognized for his accomplishments throughout the cable and telecommunications industry, most notably in 2009 when Multichannel News named him one of the publication’s “40-under-40″ most influential innovators in the industry. George has a simple philosophy to success- “pursue your dreams with Passion, devote thousands of Hours and have the Discipline to stay focused no matter what happens. Three simple principles to Success; PHD!”



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Last Day to Withdraw from a Course is Right Around the Corner!

April 22 is the last day for course withdrawal (this means you are dropping at least one course while also staying enrolled in at least one course this semester). Before you decide to take a W in a course, there are a few things to consider and steps to take.

Talk with your instructor: while you might have been keeping track of grades and the weight each one has in your course grade, it is always a good idea to confirm with the instructor that your grade expectations are the same as his or hers. This is especially helpful if part of your grade consists of class participation or unreturned assignments that you don’t have enough information about yourself to calculate into your course grade. Your instructor may have also provided mid-semester warning grade information, which might help guide your decision. Once you have idea from the instructor directly where you stand, you will be well informed to make a decision about withdrawing from that course.

Talk with your advisor: there could be longer term effects on your graduation plan if you withdraw from certain courses. You should check with an advisor to see what impact, if any, a W would have now.

Talk with International Students and Scholars Services if you are at UMass Boston on a student visa, as there could be serious ramifications if you drop below full time status at any point in the semester. Full time is considered 12 or more credits.

Check your financial aid: Federal guidelines require that students not only have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA, but also that 2/3 of your course work is successfully completed. A W, INC, or F is not considered satisfactory completion. If you drop below either of these standards, you can lose your financial aid. So, dropping one course while you are enrolled in just 2 your first semester, for example, would be harmful, dropping one course while enrolled in 5 courses in your first semester would keep you in good standing as far as this completion rate goes. Remember, you are also financially responsible for any course you withdraw from at this point.

Dropping a course is an important decision, and one you are encouraged to think about thoroughly. The APRIL 22 deadline is also very strict – so gather all the information you’ll need to make this decision now, so that you can take action, if necessary, in time.

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Check out our Student Leadership Opportunities!

Just posted!!


Four fantastic opportunities to be a student leader in the College of Management for the 2015-2016 Academic Year!

CM Ambassador,  Peer LEADer, TRAIL Peer Mentor, and MASTer

Check out the Student Leadership Opportunities page here on the blog to get all the details of the positions and link to the online application.

If you have any questions, please contact the Undergraduate Program Office at

Applications are due Friday, May 1!

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What the What? My class is full ALREADY?

Have you said or thought that yet this week? If so, you’re probably not alone. Every registration period one section or one course seems to fill up much faster than others. When that happens, there are a few things that we do to help students. First, when all the seats in the entire course are full, we ALWAYS encourage students to add to the waitlist. This helps us get a true sense of how many students want to take the course and it gives us a case for trying to add another section or increasing the enrollment limit in the current section.

Naturally, there are many logistical elements that go into this process that impact our ultimate success in being able to offer more seats of a certain course. First, we need a place to teach it – so we consult with the appropriate people to find a room that will work for the class. If we decide to just increase the size of the current section, we need to be sure the room assigned can handle it. We also need someone to teach an additional section of the course if we go that route – so we look through the ranks of full time instructors, adjuncts and others to find a qualified person. Then, we go through the process of getting the course posted on Wiser and thus available for student enrollment. This can whole process can be quite lengthy. Once we’ve been able to confirm additional seats, we then send an email (through Wiser, to your UMB account) to all enrolled and waitlisted students to notify them of the new seats. When a new section is made available, anyone can swap into or add the new section. When additional seats are added to the existing section, students are moved off the waitlist in order. There is no really way to know how long all of this will take, so we appreciate patience with the process.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, there are times when we cannot offer additional seats in a given term for a variety of reasons. When this happens, we look to add another section for the following term. You should also note that we only consider adding extra seats when an entire course is full – so if your first choice for MGT 330 is full, for example, but there are seats in other sections of the course, you should try to take one of those instead. We encourage students who are having scheduling difficulty to see an advisor as we can talk with individual students about specific options for staying on track for graduation and completing certain requirements.

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Can’t get into a CM course on Wiser? Try our ONLINE form

If you are a College of Management student and cannot add into a CM class on Wiser that you think you should be able to add to, you have an online form to help. This allows advisors to look into the situation, and manually add you the course, if possible.

Please bear in mind that when you have a hold, are missing pre-requisites, have a time conflict with another course, or are already registered for the maximum allowable credits for the semester, completing this form will still not allow us to add you to the course.

This form, and others that might be useful to you can be found under the Student Resources link on the CM website.

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When is YOUR Enrollment Appointment?

So by now you’ve heard that fall registration starts on Monday, April 6. But does really? Does it for YOU? And what about the summer? Are those dates the same as the fall or different? Did anything change this year? (hint: YES! it did). Read on for answers to all these questions and more.


All UMB students are given access to the registration system for fall courses in a staggered fashion – with the students who have earned 100 or more credits getting access to the system first. The date that you are allowed access to the registration system is called your “Enrollment Appointment” – and you can find your personal appointment time on your Wiser account.

 April 6: students with 100+ credits
April 8: students with less than 100 credits but at least 75 credits
April 10: students with less than 75 credits but at least 55 credits
April 13: students with less than 55 credits but at least 30 credits
April 15: students with less than 30 credits

These dates are assigned by the Registrar’s Office. If you have any questions about when your enrollment appointment is, please contact the Registrar’s Office directly.


This summer, the College of Management is piloting staggered registration system for summer CM classes as well, much like the fall access dates.

On April 6, all UMB students can register for non-CM classes for the summer, regardless of credits earned. However, CM students will have access to CM courses on the following schedule:

April 6: students with 100+ credits
April 8: students with less than 100 credits but at least 75 credits
April 10: students with less than 75 credits but at least 55 credits
April 13: students with less than 55 credits but at least 30 credits
April 15: students with less than 30 credits

This means that if you plan to take MATH 134 and AF 211 this summer, and have 45 credits, you will be able to sign up for the math course (or any other non-CM course) on April 6, and your AF 211 course (or any other CM course) on April 13.  Naturally, all prerequisites will need to met in order to permit enrollment.

Students outside of the College of Management will have to wait until at least April 27 to enroll in any CM course (most will have to wait until May 11). Our goal with this staggered access schedule is to allow students who plan on graduating this summer or who have a high number of credits, a chance to enroll in their final CM courses before students who might have fewer credits and therefore more time to take requirements.

If you have any questions, please contact your academic advisor.

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Who’s Your Advisor?

All College of Management students have and advising hold on their registration record each semester, which makes advising mandatory.

CM students with 60 or more credits see an advisor in the CM Undergraduate Program Office. CM UPO advisors are assigned to students with the following alphabetical split:

- Mara Sidman: sees students with last names A-De
– Rebecca Folsom: sees students with last names Df-La
– David Earnhardt: sees students with last names Lb-Ra
– Carlton Jones: sees students with last names Rb-Z

 CM students with fewer than 60 credits see an advisor in the University Advising Center (UAC). UAC advisors are assigned to students with the following alphabetical split:

- Christyn Carey: sees students with last names A-G
– Michael Mahan: sees students with last names H-O
– Fatmata Jah: sees students with last names P-Z

Students in special programs such as Management LEAD, the honors program, or student athletics may have an additional advisor as well.

The name of your academic advisor can also be found on your student center on Wiser.

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Test Before the Rest

As you start to think about your schedule for the upcoming term, you should also be sure that you have completed all necessary placement exams.

If you plan to take a BC course (either BC 230 or BC 290), you will need to take the College of Management Writing Assessment (CMWA).

If you plan to take your first math course at UMB, or your first math course in over a year, you will need to take the ALEKS Math Placement Exam (MPE). This testing format was introduced in May 2014 and can now be done at home – or anywhere you have computer access – not just the UMB Testing Center. If you have not yet taken a placement exam, we’d encourage you to do so as soon as possible – and if you want to improve your score or further your understanding of certain math concepts, use the learning modules in ALEKS. This is great resource for students.

If you plan to take a foreign language course, you may also need to take a placement exam. It is wise to consult with the department offering the language to assess if you need a test, and which test to take, especially if you have any previous experience of any kind with the language. If you are specifically interested in the Spanish Placement exam, please visit this site.

The CMWA, MPE and Spanish placement exams are offered through the UMass Boston Testing Center.

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MAP Events week of 3/31/2015

Here are the MAP events for this week: also see the MAP portal for more information

Event Miles Date Location
How to Work for a Jerk


50 3/31/2015

12:00 PM

Ryan Lounge M-3-721
Fundamental Laws of Investment: Retirement Planning


50 4/1/2015

12:00 PM

Beta Gamma Sigma Presents: Professional Goal Setting- Are you driven to succeed? Do your dreams match your discipline? This interactive workshop will help you learn the skill of SMART goal setting and how to take steps to ensure you meet your goals. Space is limited, and preregistration is required. STUDENTS This is a 1 hour event. Please plan a 15 minute window, at both the beginning and end, to ensure travel time and your ability to stay for the entire event. MAP credit attaches for full attendance and engagement in the session only.


50 4/1/2015

2:00 PM





City Year Information Session Sign up in advance under “Career Fairs & Events” at


50 4/1/2015

2:00 PM

How does a young entrepreneur and a small company change the UK trading exchange? Featuring Tony Weeresinghe, Chairman and CEO USTOCKTRADE LLC


50 4/1/2015

4:00 PM

Mindfulness Stress Management Workshop– Want to learn strategies to manage stress at work and enhance your focus on what matters to you? Come to this interactive mindfulness-based stress management workshop. At the workshop, you will learn practical and accessible stress management and mindfulness skills, and spend time clarifying what matters to you in your professional life. We hope this workshop will be helpful for you to renew your focus, motivation, and energy for your academic and professional work.


50 4/2/2015

10:00 AM

LaunchSource and your professional career–Presentation will discuss the Launchsource method for preparing students, to be ready to start your career!


75 4/2/2015

6:00 PM

Ballroom B CC-3-3550

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Study Abroad and Take CM Courses While There!

There are many ways to have a study abroad experience as an UMass Boston student. Studying abroad is a great way to learn about other cultures while living in another country. The Study Abroad website includes instructions and information for students who wish to study abroad for a semester, summer or an academic year. Please check out their FAQs.

Do not miss out on the following:

  • Attend the Study Abroad 101 Information Session on April 1, 2015, 2pm-4 pm in the Campus Center, Room 2450.

Once you have been approved to go abroad, you will receive a “Prior Approval of Transfer Credit of Study Abroad Programs Form Study Abroad” form given by the Study Abroad office. This form is used to indicate the courses you plan to take abroad. If you intend to take College of Management courses, you will need to obtain a syllabus for each course and submit them to the College of Management Front Desk in M-5-610 for review to determine if the courses are equivalent. We only review College of Management courses. Any other courses you wish to take must be reviewed by that department. The review process can take two to three weeks so please plan accordingly.

After your courses are reviewed and equivalencies are determined, you will need to make an appointment with your academic advisor before you leave. This is to ensure upon your return, you will remain on track towards completing your degree.

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