Late Registration Fee Deadline

The University charges $100.00 to all current students who initiate spring 2014 registration after December 31, 2013.  This means anyone who plans to take at least one course in the spring semester, and does not enroll in something by that date will have this late fee added to their spring bill.

Initiating registration simply means enrolling yourself in something – any course, really.  Even if you know you will be taking 12 credits in the spring semester, but aren’t sure which classes or sections those will be yet – you can enroll in even just one class before December 31 – and you won’t be charged the fee.  You can even drop or swap that course later when you are making your final registration selections and adding the classes you really want to take to your schedule on Wiser.  So don’t delay – register today!  If you need help with your course selections – please see your advisor.

It is also important to note that new groups of students will be granted access to management major classes over the next seven weeks, including non-CM students and newly admitted students (new student orientation starts December 16!).  This means class availability in CM and around campus will start to diminish quickly.

This fee does not apply to students graduating in December 2013, or to those students who never enroll in any spring 2014 courses here.