New Courses in the Management and Marketing Concentrations

Students in the Management or Marketing concentrations should be aware of some new courses that will apply to the concentrations.  The degree audits are not fully updated yet, but the following courses will apply to concentrations, as noted below.  A student who has a concentration other than management or marketing and wishes to take one of these courses can still do so, and the course will count as a general elective.

MKT 465: Entrepreneurship Sales & Marketing

Entrepreneurship Sales & Marketing is a course that will prepare you for an entry level sales and marketing position in a startup initiative as well as prepare you to launch your own sales & marketing initiative in your own startup. Live role play scenarios with experienced sales and marketing entrepreneurs will prepare you for the multiple areas of responsibilities and interactions within a startup organization as well as outward facing prospect and customer responsibilities and interactions that are required in a startup. You will be exposed to the overall process and tools that drive a sales/marketing organization in a startup. Students will also be provided preparation assistance and giving priority consideration to the internships offered through UMass Boston’s Student Entrepreneurship Program (StEP).

SPRING 2014: Thursday 5:30-8:15PM  #6555         Instructor: David McFarlane
Pre-requisites = MKT 301, 30 credits and permission of instructor
This will count as en elective option in the Management concentration and in the Marketing concentration.

MGT 469: Entrepreneurship Practicum to Help Launch Your Own Startup

If you have a business/idea that you’re in the process of launching or want to launch, MGT 469 Entrepreneurship Practicum may be of interest to you. We will spend the semester test marketing your business description, unique value proposition, market definition, competition, product/service, business model, and legal structure. Experienced CEO, VP Sales/Marketing, VP Development, CFO, and Legal Counsel Entrepreneurs will guess lecture throughout the semester.

Pre-requisites = 60 credits and permission of instructor
This will count as en elective option in the Management concentration and in the Marketing concentration.

MGT 481: Introduction to Environmental Management and Clean Energy

This course examines the rapidly growing field of environmental management in the context of climate change and corporate sustainability. We will assess the strategies pursued by business as it engages with the challenges and opportunities presented by various environmental issues, including resource scarcity, increasing demand for clean energy and energy efficiency, air and water pollution, hazardous waste, environmental reporting and disclosure, and working with environmental organizations and regulatory authorities. We will discuss the impact of regulatory, market, and voluntary approaches to addressing environmental concerns through improved organizational environmental performance. The course will introduce students to the relevant scientific, economic, and policy aspects of climate change and consider their physical, regulatory, and market impacts on business in various sectors. The students will have an opportunity to use this newly acquired knowledge by constructing an actionable environmental management plan for an individual business sector of their choice.

SPRING 2014: Monday 5:30-8:15PM  #3470          Instructor: Vesela Veleva
This will count as en elective option in the Management concentration.