Final Quote Choices

Students chose their final quotes.  They worked as a team and we gave them the option of choosing a quote from the combined list of interview favorite phrases from all the interviews:

”I left behind a level of despair, that living wasn’t worth it … I took hopefulness about life.”
Frances, Interviewed by Tessa
student artist: Tessa

“A journey happens while you’re busy embracing your limits”
Paula, Interviewed by Quanye
student artist: Quanye

“There’s no cost in life, it’s all about adapting yourself.”
Alan, OLLI, Interviewed by Tessa
student artist: Tarjanae

“When you experience change, you either embrace it or run from it.”
Boston Resident, 20 years, Interviewed by Phillip
student artist: Daphtaney

“I could take all my memories.”
Joanne, OLLI, Interviewed by Filomena , Jailson, Mayra
student artists: Filomena & Jocelina

“Experience makes a journey easier, but a journey makes experiences.”
Charlie, UMass Boston Student,  interviewed by Filomena
student artists: Filomena & Jocelina

“Everyone fights their demons but you can’t lose unless you let yourself lose.”
Lydia, Mechanical Engineer, Interviewed by Angela
student artist: Angela

“I took my culture, I took the sense of being myself.”
Andrea, Education Warrior, Interviewed by Adilse & Mayra
Student artists:  Adilse & Anilson

“I had to leave behind a piece of my past in order for my future.”
Boston Resident 25 years, interviewed by Phillip
student artist: Phillip

“I was fortunate to travel all over the world, and my travels to various world cultures and environments impacted my life immensely – specifically, I appreciate clean water and environment even more 🙂 making my quest to protect nature and learn from it even more important goal.” 
Anamarija Frankic, Director, Green Boston Harbor Project, interviewed by Gilson &  Michael
student artist: Gilson

“Don’t run away from your problems, just deal with it.”
Anny’s dad, interviewed by Anny
Student artists: Michael & Mathias

“Follow your heart. You don’t know where it will lead you but trust that it will take you to the right place.”
Ann, OLLI, interviewed by Jailson, Mayra, & Filomena
Student artists: Francisco & Jailson

“I believe that my personal journey impacts the world by helping them see that we are all in this together, that if I can make it this far, so can everyone.”
Sandy, interviewed by Ann
Student artist: Ann

“The journey was a challenge., but he was able to meet his challenges.”
Ann, OLLI interviewed by Jailson, Mayra, & Filomena
Student artist: Mayra


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