Example of Design process

The pictures in this post demonstrate recent design activities. Students worked in the computer lab with Adobe Photoshop to  combine two images together to create the final poster. They chose images to go with their quotes. After everyone combined two images to go with their quote, we asked them to experiment and try a second version.

Some of the Photoshop techniques demonstrated:

  • Layers – combining them.
  • Layers – adjusting scale.
  • Layers – making them transparent “Opacity.”
  • Layer mask – how to create a blend.


Quanye's original photo of Suamy.

Quanye’s original photo of Suamy. Quanye crouched low on the ground to create the illusion of Suamy flying through the air when she jumped.

view of harbor facing sewage treatment plant

Student photo of the water from March 17 from the group photo walk

Quanye's rough draft design of suamy jumping

Quanye uses photoshop layer mask to combine the two photos. Adjust color/contrast and retouches the jumping figure.

Quanye's rough draft of Suamy jumping

Quanye adjusts color to create a higher impact design

Quanye-words copy

Quanye includes the quote from his interviewee. We will be editing the font styles and type arrangement and adding a credit bar on the bottom this week.

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