Photo Brainstorming Day

Thank you Urban Scholars who came in on a holiday to be creative.

Students photograph each other on the Harbor Walk

Photo by Suamy

Today Brad started the paper/gesso project and students went outside to shoot photo concepts that could match their chosen quotes.

clouds and blue sky

Photo by Filomena. Jocelina/Filomena working with two quotes:
I could take all my memories.
Experience makes a journey easier, but journey makes experiences.

view of Boston seen from UMass boston harborwalk looking at skyline over water.

photo by Gilson. Gilson working with Anamarija’s quote: “I was fortunate to travel all over the world, and my travels to various world cultures and environments impacted my life immensely – specifically, I appreciate clean water and environment even more:) making my quest to protect nature and learn from it even more important goal.”

closeup of plant stalks, maybe future daffodils?

photo by Tarjanae. Tarjanae working with two quotes: “There’s no cost in life, it’s all about adapting yourself.(alan)The only thing to never show the world is your weakness.(luci)

Tarjanae photographs the group from a distance.

photo by Quanye

suamy jumping sky in background

photo by Quanye. Quanye working with his English teacher’s quote:  “A journey happens while you’re busy embracing your limits”

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