Workshop Dec. 17


Welcome back & snacks

1. Blogs – how to customize tagline so it doesn’t say “just another Umass Boston Blog”, under the “Appearance” menu on the Dashboard and then “Customize” Title and tagline.
2. Blogs – Posts how to delete them.
3. Blogs – Questions?
4. Pixlr Practice

File  Menu > Make a new file 2016×792 – banner proportion for MBTA
File Menu > open an image – upload.
Edit Menu > Select all
Edit Menu > Copy
Click to your new file
Edit Menu > Paste
Layers Window > Notice two layers
File > Open Image
Repeat: Edit: Select All, Edit: Copy & then Edit: Paste into the banner picture.
Layers Window > the Layer Settings Button. Drag to make transparent
Control the Size:  Edit > Free Transform
Lock the Proportions: Hold the SHIFT key when you drag the corner
Experiment with Filters & colors

5. Interviews: Type up your notes or
6. Interviews: Pick a highlight sentence from your interview & make a new post with the highlight sentence. Experiment with images  – collage in Pixlr that could go with your highlight sentence.
7. Look at the examples of Metro Art on this page, some are abstract designs, some are drawings, some are photographs – you have a choice.
8. If you haven’t done an interview, make a post with interview questions. Also you can work on personalizing your blog.



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