Posters on the Trains!

Thank you everyone for all your work to make this public art project possible. Congratulations Urban Scholar Artists and best wishes for the future!

Scroll down to see a tweet by BPS Arts Expansion Program who spotted Ann Boucicaut’s poster on the Red Line!

8 thoughts on “Posters on the Trains!

  1. Rose

    Fantastic project! I am delighted and inspired by the “journey” theme. I love the fact that the student’s interviewed senior citizens and came up with a quote that resonated with them personally, then added artwork.
    Great to see such engagement in our community. I hope this project can continue and be a yearly project.

  2. Wendy

    This project is so wonderful! I LOVE all of the posters–each one is so meaningful and creative. The students really embraced so many different ways of making and appreciating art. What an inventive and worthwhile way to bridge people of different generations.

  3. Monica calzolari

    Thank you Lisa Link for mentoring these young people and sharing your talents with them and all of us. This is a win-win-win for the seniors, the artists, and the community.

  4. Jessica

    Really love this project! So great to see the different mediums used (photography, digital design, painting) come together for one project. Wish I was in town right now to keep an eye out for these! Hope to see more in the future

  5. Cynthia O.

    This is a great example of inter-generational empowerment, with youth connecting with their elders and translating these experiences into art and poetry. Congratulations on getting the project displayed on the T for all to enjoy!


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