Networking, Not Just a Buzzword

“Networking is gaining visibility for yourself or your organization, and not just when you need a job or a favor,” says Debra Fine, a former engineer turned speaker and trainer.  It’s about building and maintaining long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with people you meet throughout your career. According to a study by human-resource advisors Drake Beam Morin, 64% of  people surveyed said they found their new jobs through networking.

Not only does it aid in obtaining that newest, desirable role, networking can help you to enhance your skill set, connect with mentors and clients and gain access to the necessary resources that will advance your career.

In a perfect world, your organization would ensure that your employee development is at the forefront of their strategic plan. In reality, we exist is in what Carter Cast, author of  “The Right (and Wrong) Stuff: How Brilliant Careers Are Made,” refers to as “the era of do-it-yourself career development.” Cast details that the responsibility falls to you, to propel yourself forward.

As you invest your time with your colleagues,  and more importantly professionals outside of your field, you will build connections with varying experts. In addition you will continue to develop the soft skills which in today’s professional arena are imperative.

Opportunities such as Speed Networking at the Pioneer  on July 30th, offer a chance to practice these skills. This fun 3 hour event will allow you to introduce yourself and what you’re about to everyone around you as well as meet and connect with other professionals…can’t beat that!

As always, life-long learning and immersing yourself in the growth mind-set is never a bad thing. We encourage you to visit the UMass Boston College of Management website for further information on our graduate programs which will assist in surrounding you with peers and colleagues looking to expand their networks to include you.

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