The Need for Environmental Management

At the present time, there are approximately 7,718,013,622 people inhabiting the planet, with this number growing exponentially each minute. As we know, the resources afforded to us are limited and continue to decline. The need for environmental awareness and management increases by the second.

Though this is the case, there are many things that we all can do personally and within our places of business to prioritize environmental awareness.

To enhance and support efforts to propel sustainable practices forward, The College of Management at UMass Boston offers MGT671 Introduction to Environmental Management for the Fall 2019 semester. This course takes a deep dive into the details of creating competitive advantage by implementing environmentally sound practices in support of business goals and the welfare of our surroundings and each other. We encourage you to explore this and all of our course offerings to develop hands-on experience and the skills to implement environmentally aligned business goals.


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