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iPad as a Teaching Slate


Would you like to use your iPad as a teaching slate, as you walk around your class and project various applications from your computer?

  • In iTunes store you buy the splashtop app  to transform your ipad used as a remote computer.
  • Use a computer hooked up to a projector, and your ipad  connected to an the computer wireless
  • Put an  ip address of the computer in the  splashtop app to connect the ipad to the computer wireless


  1. Wow! Splashtop app is an awesome app for iPad. Thanks for sharing.

  2. They use ipads as much as possible in my college and give a free one to all the students. It works!

  3. After watching video of splashtop app, I am going to download splashtop app for teacher and teaching will be very easy next year!

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