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iBooks Author: An ebook publisher looks at Apple’s textbook creation app

by Steven Sande Jan 23rd 2012 at 9:00AM  Tuaw

The free creation tool iBooks Author  just like iWorks suite offers a template that  publishers can use for out of the box  creation of eBooks.  iBook Author is easy to learn for those already familair with Pages (iWorks Suite). For each template, there is a very complete set of paragraph, character and list styles that can be applied to text with a click. New styles can be generated and added to the template as well. In addition, there are a number of page layouts available. The layouts include Chapters, Sections, copyright, dedication, and forward pages, blank pages, and 1 through 3 column pages. Placeholders appear on each layout, and with a click you can replace the boilerplate with your own text or image.

iAuthor Templates for eBooks


There are also widget available with iBook AUthor  that add special functions to eBooks.  Those functions include interactive galleries, sound or video media, Keynote presentations, interactive review quizzes, interactive images, 3D rotatable images, and HTML code.  iBooks Author has excellent integration with iTunes, iPhoto, and GarageBand for importing media into your project. Text can be wrapped around the images, and frames, masks, and shadows applied to the images to give them depth on a page.

Publishing: iBooks Author’s book format is specific to iBooks 2; you can’t directly republish your book to work in the Kindle Bookstore.  to get a book published on the Kindle Bookstore, but note that it is much easier than getting a book into the iBookstore. For that, you need to have an iBookstore seller account, have a copy of iTunes Producer to take the iTunes Store package created by iBooks Author and publish it into the iBookstore, and have an active contract. You also need to have a bank account set up to receive proceeds through electronic payment, an ISBN for each title, and a US tax ID.

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