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iPad as an interactive white board

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What you need requirements to use an iPad as an IWB. You

  1. An iPad
  2. A laptop or desktop computer (Apple is best, of course, but Windows computers can work as well since identified software is cross-platform)
  3. A wifi network connection (configured with ports open to allow sharing/communication between the iPad and computer – this can be an ad-hoc network or a ‘normal’ wifi hotspot / network)
  4. An LCD projector with screen or large format TV to serve as the external display
  5. Software applications which support both remote control and remote mirroring of a computer screen, along with screen annotation / recording (IWB-like software)


Part I

Part II

One Comment

  1. AirSketch ($9,99) is an excellent tool that lets you present with any web-connected screen (assuming your iPad also has connectivity). http://www.qrayon.com/home/airsketch/

    Opening a custom AirSketch URL in any browser displays your whiteboard in real time, whether on a large screen, or each user’s own device.

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