Which courses can I take Pass/Fail as a CM Student?

Just a few reminders as today, NOVEMBER 7th  is the last day to change a  course to pass/fail.  You can find the University Pass/Fail policy on the Registrar’s Web page, but also here on the CM Undergraduate Program page.  While University Policy will allow you to take up to one course pass/fail each semester, as a CM student you cannot take just any class pass/fail.

Courses a CM student CAN take Pass/Fail:
Areas of Knowledge Courses, specifically:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Natural Science
  • Social Behavioral Science
  • World Language or World Culture
  • Non- Business Elective
  • Diversity
  • 200 level non-business
  • International Management Requirement – as long as it is not a MGT course used in your concentration


Courses CM students CANNOT take Pass/Fail:
Courses that are Major Requirements, specifcally

  • Non-Business Verbal Reasoning and Expression  (ENGL 101 & ENGL 102)
  • Non-Business Foundation Requirement (ECON 101, ECON 102 & MATH 134)
  • Writing Proficiency Requirement (BC230 & BC 290)
  • Business Foundation (MSIS 110, MSIS 111L, MSIS 212)
  • Management Core Requirement (AF 210, AF 211, AF 301, MGT 303, MGT 330, MGT 331, MGT 490, MKT 301, & MSIS 301)
  • Information Technology Core Requirement (IT 110, IT 114l, IT115L, IT 230L, IT 240, IT 244, IT 246, IT 285L, IT 425L, IT 485)
  • All Concentration Courses
  • All Track Courses
  • All Professional Elective Courses (in IT Major)

All major requirements MUST be taken for a letter grade to count for satisfaction of the requirement for graduation.