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Tutoring options for AF 210, AF 211, AF 301, BC 230, BC 290, MSIS 110, MSIS 111L, MSIS 212, and MSIS 301 are available on this Tutoring scheduling system link.

The tutor will send you a Zoom meeting link before your tutoring session begins.

What to bring to a tutoring session?

You should bring your textbook, a hard copy of the assignment, and any assignment instructions.

The CM Tutoring Center is operating remotely while classes are remote and online.

The College of Management recognizes that some students need a little extra support in foundational College of Management courses.  To meet this need, the College of Management Undergraduate Program Office offers tutoring services on a first come, first serve basis for the following courses:

AF 210 Financial Accounting

AF 211 Managerial Accounting

AF 301 Financial Management


BC 230 Fundamentals of Business Communication & Critical Analysis

BC 290 Professional Written Communication & Critical Analysis


MGT 303 Managing Organizations (Writing ONLY)

MGT 330 Business Environments and Public Policy (Writing ONLY)

MGT 331 Managerial Ethics and Social Issues (Writing ONLY)


MSIS 110 Intro to Computers and Info. Systems

MSIS 111L Managerial Statistics

MSIS 212 Managerial Decision Making

MSIS 301 Operations Management

As a student enrolled in any of these courses, you are eligible to receive tutoring. The CM Tutoring Center is located in M 5-240. Please check the Tutoring Schedule to see when tutoring is available for each subject. The CM Tutoring schedule is subject to change throughout the semester.

Tutors are current College of Management students selected based upon Faculty recommendations and successful mastery of the coursework during their undergraduate career. In some instances, there may be Graduate Assistants enrolled in the Graduate Programs that assist with Writing tutoring.

College of Management Tutoring Guidelines

What should you expect from College of Management Tutoring?

Tutoring is designed to provide help over and above the work you do in and out of class. You must first try to understand the material based on readings of your textbooks, review of class notes and handouts, and use of outside sources. You should make every effort to comprehend your lectures and assignments before going to the tutors; tutoring only brings results in addition to, not instead of, your own work. Tutoring cannot be a substitute for attending class, doing the assigned readings and homework, or studying.

If you are having difficulties with the course material, the first person you should ask for help is the instructor, who has office hours specifically to answer your questions and assist you. Again, however, you cannot expect the faculty to help you if you have not attended class regularly or not attempted to do your assignments. The ultimate responsibility for your success in the College of Management lies with you.

The greatest benefit of tutoring comes when you use tutoring not only to understand course material, but also to learn how to study more effectively. Tutors can help you with both your short-term problems and your long-range concerns about study methods.

Writing tutors are designed to help you formulate ideas concerning written assignments, improve your writing style, and refine your understanding of proper English grammar. The writing tutors are NOT your editing service, nor are they in any way responsible for any grades you receive on your assignments.

It is expected that all tutors and anyone seeking tutoring uphold the University’s Academic Honesty Policy.  Any violations to these standards should be reported to staff in the College of Management Undergraduate Program Office immediately.  Anyone found to be in violation of the Academic Honesty Policy will be subject to sanctions that could include immediate termination of the use of the CM Tutoring Center services.  Violations will also be reported to the Dean of Student’s Office where additional sanctions may be imposed as well.

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