Fall 2019 Course Highlight MBA AF 697 Special Topics: Accounting Analytics

MBA AF 697 Special Topics: Accounting Data Analytics

Professor Surjit Tinaikar

Tuesday 5:30-8:15pm

Applies to meet MBA elective, specialization in Accounting

Applies to meet MSA elective


Emphasis on Analytical Skills

Learn problem assessment, data preparation, data analysis, data visualization of financial statement accounts and transactions.

Emphasis on Datasets

Hands-on learning on financial and accounting datasets such as CRSP and COMPUSTAT as well as financial statement data (via XBRL) from Fortune 100 companies.

Emphasis on Tools

Learn how to conduct data analysis using Excel, SQL, Tableau, IDEA and SAS.

Comparing and contrasting tools to determine which are best suited for basic data analysis, which are easiest for internal controls testing and

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