What is an MTO? Why should I participate?

The Master’s Thesis Option provides students with the opportunity to differentiate their graduate degree with a coveted distinction in research. Students will learn how to approach academic research in an analytical and informed way, and how to collect and analyze research material.

An MTO and distinction in research will help leverage your career opportunities, having a published paper will help you stand out in an increasingly competitive job market. Creative thought coupled with analytical research tools gained through the MTO program sets you apart from your peers and prepares you for a career of success in any field you desire. Now, more than ever the job market demands business professionals to lead their companies in new directions, solve problems that have yet to be defined and create growth in areas that were never previously conceived. The MTO program is a talking point during any interview and shows a deep commitment to your topic which propels you beyond the distinction of the graduate students into a class that truly defines your capabilities as a leader. Participating in the MTO program will show employers that you have the skill to take up a challenging task, determine ways to tackle roadblocks independently and achieve results with a set time frame as well as how the skills you have developed will benefit the employer.

A few of our past MTO Success Stories

  • Christina Tamer- Program Officer at VentureWell a non-profit company in the Boston Area
  • Pruthvi Bhatt- Investment Risk Manager at APG Asset Management in New York City
  • Luna Lin- Ph.D Candidate in Finance at University of Mississippi
  • John Dorey- Consultant at John Hancock Financial Services
  • Joan Kiiru- Fund Operations at Orbis Investments in Cape Town Area South Africa
  • Deepak Bidwai- Member Producer at Arlington Community Media in the Boston Area
  • Bjoern Stengel- Senior Analyst at Bluefield Research a company in the Boston Area
  • Stefano Maffina- ESG Analyst at State Street Global Advisors in the Boston Area
  • Poorvi Bahety- Business Analyst at HSBC Financial Services in London England
  • Vignesh Natarajan- Product Manager at Monster Worldwide in the Boston Area
  • Yang Pu- Research Associate at DeMatteo Research in New York City
  • Vitaliy Ryabinin-  Recently admitted into The Imperial College in London, one of the top Universities in Europe, to begin his doctorate degree
  • Stacie O Costa, Trading and Performance Analysis Assistant at MDT Advisers in Boston
  • Mohammadhi Moqri- PhD Candidate in Information Systems at Warrington College of Business at University of Florida- joining the faculty of Information Systems at Ivy College of Business at Iowa State University

For further information, please email atreya.chakraborty@umb.edu

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