Digital Exhibits

Built by UMass Boston graduate students in the Spring 2022 course “Digital Public History: Teacher Organizing in Boston,” these exhibits highlight some of the amazing resources — images, interviews, newspaper stories, and more — that live in the Boston Teachers Union Collection at UMass Boston. Come explore them with us!

These exhibits have been posted as first drafts, and we are eager to hear feedback on and about them. To share feedback and ideas, please email us at or fill out our survey.

Boston Teachers Union Contract Timeline

This interactive timeline was built by Jordan Cooper using the one maintained by former BTU President Richard Stutman and published annually in the September issue of the Boston Union Teacher.

Women’s Voices

This exhibit by Meghan Arends focuses on the women of the Boston Teachers Union through their own voices, including the issues in the classroom and the struggles of paraprofessionals.

Image of people holding signs that say "Drivers on Strike" in front of a bus

Standing in Solidarity

This exhibit by Maci Mark explores the BTU actions in solidarity with other unions and actions in the labor movement–and how they were reported in the Boston Union Teacherfrom 1970 to 1982.

Snapshot: Desegregation 1974

1974 was one of the most tumultuous years in the history of Boston Public Schools. In this exhibit by Rachel Hoyle, find out how the fight to desegregate Boston’s schools impacted students, teachers, and the BTU.

Kathy Kelley v. Kevin White

This exhibit by Elizabeth Mann explores the conflicts and tensions between BTU President Kathy Kelley and four-term Mayor of Boston Kevin White in the challenging years between 1979 and 1983.

BEAM members Johnny McInnis, Nancy Dickerson, Barbara Field, Adrianne Level, and Bob Marshall at the group’s 50th anniversary gala in 2015. All are standing together, facing the camera. Image courtesy of the Bay State Banner, Dec. 16, 2015.

Black Voices, Black Choices: Navigating the Layoffs of 1981

This exhibit, by UMass Boston’s Eleanor Katari in partnership with BTU Organizer Ari Branz, holds up the voices and experiences of Black educators during the contentious 1981 layoffs.

Responding to the Unz Initiative

This exhibit by Yasmeen Khader explores the battle for bilingual education and immigrant student civil rights in the early 2000s.  

Teacher Voices

This exhibit by Grace Wargovich is an exploration of teachers’ voices, opinions and advice in the Boston Union Teacher over the years.

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Feedback and Suggestions

These exhibits were built over the course of seven weeks, and in some cases, they are still being completed. We welcome any and all feedback! Please complete our survey here or contact us at